ICCEIW is the inaugural conference co-organised by Sultan Ahmad Shah Pahang Islamic University (UnIPSAS) and the Islamic Universities League-Cairo, which will be held this year.

This conference aims to set a new academic discussion dimension to various fields of knowledge, particularly education. Various holistic and integrative themes are open for discussion with the expectation that they will have a positive impact on the development of Islam and the community’s academics.

The conference is being organised in collaboration with Rabitah al-Jamiat al-Islamiyyah, Pahang State Government, Pahang Foundation and Malay Customs Council of Pahang (MUIP).

Participants at this global level, both local and international, would increase the visibility of UnIPSAS, Pahang State Foundation and MUIP through the medium of education and research.


1. Enhancing the quality of Islamic education to international level.
2. Enhancing the role of public and private universities to societal advancement.
3. Strengthening technical and vocational education in community development.
4. Creating a competitive environment in the Islamic world’s education sector.
5. Generating ideas for new and improved education system towards a better future for developing nations.


Contemporary Education as Catalyst for Islamic World’s Sustainability


Education for Sustainability of the Islamic World
Public and Private Higher Education
Vocational and Technical Education
Digital Education
Education Planning and Management
Collaboration and Networking in Education
International Intellectual Platform
Profesionalism In Higher Education